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Check out our New Invention - Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tongs.

2in1 - Vegetable Gripper for Easier, Safer Peeling & Slicing - Tongs for Serving Pasta, Salads, etc.

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The problem of dropping a potato while peeling it, or worse, cutting yourself while peeling or slicing a potato has been solved with a new patent pending device brand named PotatoTongs™.

PotatoTongs™ (potato tongs) are specially designed multi-purpose kitchen tongs that have spikes; which can be used to securely grip a fruit or vegetable, while exposing the maximum amount of surface area and allowing for safer, easier and quicker peeling and slicing. 

Potatotongs™ also work great for pasta, salad and other food serving purposes.

No slipping, no injuries, no worries!

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