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I'm selling these at a loss to increase awareness of my new invention.  I'm offering you 15 pairs of PotatoTongs for only $30 including S&H.  These easily sell for $10 each. The discount code is DRZ6RA.  A link to add the discount code to your cart is HERE.

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PotatoTongs are kitchen tongs with a new patented feature, see video.

PotatoTongs are very heavy duty and the stainless steel is better than most items found in kitchens. Try the magnet test.  Using a strong magnet, try lifting a spoon, fork or kitchen tongs.  If the magnet sticks to it, the stainless steel is not as high of quality as PotatoTongs.  PotatoTongs will not rust.

Please take a look around the website.  It's a quick read and there are other videos you can watch.

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2 minute PotatoTongs video.

Video of using PotatoTongs to peel a potato from start to finish.